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50% of proceeds from our 1KG bags of Flax Flour to go Prostate Cancer Canada



A clean alternative to petro-diesel, Flax Energy biodiesel is made from non-cooking grade Canadian grown flax seed oil. It provides a 98% reduction in GHGs and is the by product of our food production. Flax Energy Biodiesel can run in any diesel engine without any modification. Does your fleet run biodiesel?

Flax Flour

Added to your favourite baked goods, flax flour is a delicious way to introduce Omega-3 into your daily diet, while reducing your gluten intake. Pasta, Bread, Pancakes, Salad dressing, Yogurt, pizza…Flax Energy has endless food applications to help you live a healthier lifestyle.

Animal & Fish Feed

Flax is a healthy and natural way to introduce Omega-3 into animal & fish feeds. Flax Energy retails to the equine, cattle and aquaculture (Tilapia & Shrimp) industries around the world, making healthy animals and healthy people!

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