Latest Restaurant Supply Trends 2016

From the largest commercial freezers to pocket-sized meat thermometers, business owners would be wise to familiarize themselves with the latest design trends and technological innovations shaping the restaurant supply industry. The latest trends in food service and restaurant equipment has created a range of appliances that are smaller, more efficient and more easy to use than conventional devices. Lacking access to the best selection off equipment and resources may find business owners facing an uphill battle when it comes to creating and maintaining a more orderly and efficient kitchen or workplace environment.

Smaller Equipment for Smaller Kitchens

Access to smaller, more compact commercial kitchen equipment can allow restaurants to make the most of their workspace and environment. Forcing workers to make due with cramped spaces can lead to many problems, especially for smaller restaurants where kitchen space may be in very short supply. Even larger businesses may benefit from space-saving appliances and equipment options specifically designed to free-up as much room as possible. For restaurants seeking to optimize and streamline their kitchen environment, access to equipment options able to provide performance that is comparable or even superior to their larger counterparts is not an issue that should be overlooked.

Energy-efficient Design

Investing in energy-efficient restaurant equipment is a proven and effective way to reduce operational costs. Commercial food preparation is often a very energy-intensive process and equipment options that can provide more efficient operation can play a key role in efforts to reduce electric, water and other utility costs. From cooking costs to food storage and refrigeration, the most energy-efficient equipment can make quite an impact on daily operational costs. Restaurant supply solutions able to reduce food preparation costs, as well as dishwashers, interior lighting and other appliances that may help to curb environmental costs may provide a far greater return of investment than many restaurant owners imagine.

Streamlined Controls and Operation

Kitchen environments often suffer from high turnover, and restaurant equipment designed to be as easy to operate as possible can often be an important resource. Training efforts and costs needed to ensure all staff members are able to handle cooking, storage and cleanup processes that utilize commercial grade equipment are often considerable, especially for environments where turnover is higher than average. Investing in restaurant equipment, appliances and other resources that feature streamlined controls and simplified operation can allow businesses to train new staff and employees more quickly, efficiently and at less overall cost. Finding the best restaurant supply solutions can play a greater role in reducing training-related expenses than many businesses might realize.

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