Weight Loss Supplement Myths

Weight loss supplements have become all the rage over the past few years. More and more companies are getting on board the supplements bandwagon because people are looking for quick and easy ways to lose weight.

While it is true that supplements have their place whenever someone wants to lose weight, they are not the “do-all” formulation that the manufacturers will have you believe. Here are some of the myths surrounding these supplements that may surprise you.

Weight Loss Supplements are Safe to Use — Just because a supplement is marketed as safe, does not necessarily mean it’s safe to use. In fact, many supplements use banned ingredients under different names. Common active ingredients are anti-depressents and prescription diuretics, which purge your body of excess water. These can be dangerous if over used. Although there are safe supplements out there, do the research on the ingredients to make sure exactly what you are getting.

Doctor Approved — Generally, unless prescribed, a weight loss supplement will not be doctor approved. In fact, before using a supplement of any kind, you should notify your doctor, let them inspect the product, and follow their recommendations when using the product.

Health Canada Certified — Dietary supplements may not be Health Canada approved. Those companies that manufacture weight loss supplements are allowed to do their own safety checks. Granted, for most people, a dietary supplement will be safe if used as directed, but there are so many variables here that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency would never give its approval to a product it has no control over.

Taking a Weight Loss Supplement will cause you to Lose Weight — This is the largest myth on this page, and for good reason. If you just take any weight loss supplement and expect to lose weight, you’ll be sadly mistaken.

Many companies say that you can take their product, eat anything you want in any quantity that you desire, and you’ll still lose weight. Think about that for a second. You may want to believe that’s true, but you really know it isn’t.

Every weight loss supplement has a disclaimer in the directions that says something like, “By using this product while following a healthy diet with regular exercise, you will lose weight.” In other words, if you don’t follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly, the weight loss product won’t do you any good.

The Bottom Line

Weight loss supplements may supply you with valuable vitamins and minerals, but if you expect to magically lose weight by using them without a proper diet and exercise, you’ll never see any results. That’s the bottom line.

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