Can Naturopath Services Improve Your Cancer Treatment Outcome?

The unfortunate reality is that your fight against cancer is a fight for your life, and you simply do not want to take any chances. Many people will eagerly follow the cancer treatment advice of their doctor, pursuing radiation and chemotherapy treatment as recommended. Others will research an alternative cancer treatment with hope of the best results. One of the more popular alternative treatment options involves naturopath services. Naturopathy stems from the belief that a healthy body can heal itself, and it incorporates fundamentals in an improved diet, better exercise and holistic treatments into a complete healthcare plan. In some cases, naturopath services are used as an alternative treatment. In other cases, they are used in conjunction with an oncologists’ recommendation of radiation or chemotherapy. Before you pursue a treatment option, you may want to know if it has the potential to improve the outcome of your fight against cancer.

Does It Work?
One of the top questions people ask when they are first introduced to naturopathy is if it works. Holistic medicine has been used for centuries to treat everything from ear infections and the common cold to cancer and other serious health issues, and many positive outcomes have been recorded. While few medical doctors will argue against the benefits associated with improving your total body health as part of a healing regimen, it is important to note some of their concerns about holistic medicine. For example, one common approach associated with holistic medicine is fasting, and this is often not associated with improving your health. Nonetheless, the strategy of naturopathy does have positive outcomes in many cases.

Who Is Treating You?
Before you decide to pursue naturopathy as an alternative cancer treatment or through an integrated approach, it is important to focus on the qualifications and experience of the individual treating you. A naturopathy doctor typically has attended a four-year school with a study in naturopathy medicine, but this varies. In addition, the quality of the individual’s education through the type of training and education program they pursued should be examined. Experience in the field may also be a top concern. Keep in mind that licensing varies from state to state, and you may want to review your state’s licensing requirements as well. Your education in this area is critical to ensuring that you receive the best treatment possible.

Naturopathy has been successful for many people who have suffered from cancer, but chemotherapy and radiation have also been successful. There are different approaches to take to fight this disease. Through your education on your options, you can more successfully make the right choice for you and your health. Visit Dr. Sean Ceaser, ND if you would like to learn more.

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