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Jon Dwyer – CEO

Jon Dwyer holds an Honours B.A. in Political Science from McMaster University and studied International Economics and Finance at Ryerson University. During his time at Ryerson, Jon created a thesis investigating the availability of new sources of clean-burning energy, which yeilded multiple revenue streams, that arent impacted by the price volatility of food-grade feedstocks such as soy and canola.  The key to his research was the employment of non-food grade feedstocks, which resulted in the Flax Energy Food, Fuel, Feed model.

  • Jon Is the resident Energy Expert for Sun News Network
  • Jon is host and founder of the “Discussions @” series held at Splendido Restaurant in Toronto
  • Jon is also an author; his first novel “Michael Burke” was published in 2009, and has sold thousands of copies to date, with distribution by Down Home Magazine, one of Canada’s largest domestic publications.  Jon is also co-author of “An evening with Robert Service”, and author of “Cocktails With”

Patrick Dwyer – COO

Patrick Dwyer holds a B.A. from McMaster University and a 3 year Honours Diploma from Durham College in Public Relations and Communications. He began his career at the Law Society of Upper Canada in the public relations departments organizing various events and creating content for internal and external publications. He moved to the Toronto Humane Society where he worked on a number of fund raising initiatives and projects. Patrick has worked with a number of for- and not-for-profit corporations including the Canadian Council for Non-Smoking and World Health Services.

Patrick is co-founder of the Discussions @ Series.

Simon Amm – General Manager & Lead Engineer

Mr. Amm holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) in Chemical Engineering from the University of Waterloo.  He has over 10 years experience as a process/design engineer, project engineer and maintenance engineer in several industries including chemical, soap and sugar manufacturing in Canada and in the oil and gas industry in South Australia.  He has financially and chronologically managed capital programs of $3-4M per annum and has been a valuable team member on several large projects across many industries.  His roles have exposed him to several engineering areas including process design (chemical, mechanical, structural, electrical and process control), project cost estimation, project budget preparation, HAZ-OP/safety studies, environmental impact studies, equipment/instrument sizing/selection, purchasing, hire/supervision of contractors, coordination, execution, commissioning, optimization and operator training.  As General Manager and Lead Engineer at Flax Energy, Mr. Amm is responsible for extrusion, biodiesel and food manufacturing operations.  Mr. Amm also holds a Bachelor of Education from York University.

Frank Dwyer – Sr. VP

Frank Dwyer has a long history of taking new products to market. As president of Producxx Corporation from 1990-1998, Frank built relationships with buyers at Home Depot, Wal-Mart and many other retailers.

Product developers and inventors came to know his knowledge and success first hand, as Frank developed a proven track record of providing quality returns to investors.
Frank has extensive knowledge of the franchise business model, working with companies such as the Journeys End motels in the late 80’s, raising capital. It is Frank’s work as a developer and builder that he most enjoyed; with his team of sub contractors and craftsmen he built homes all over Ontario.

After finding success in the private sector, Frank embarked on a career in the non-profit sector. Frank was founder and President of The Canadian Council For Non-smoking (CCNS), a program developed to help smokers to quit, and encourage youth not to start.

He also created the World Health Services Council, a company that helped to take The Healing Journey from Princess Margret Hospital’s oncology department, and deliver it to cancer patients across the country. As executive V. P. of Flax Energy, Frank will head up the sale of flax flour to all the major and junior food retailers across North America. As well, he will supervise a team of salespeople marketing the flax meal to cattle, dairy, and horse farms across the country. In a recent article Frank said, “Flax is the fastest growing health food in the world and we plan to bring it mainstream, out of the expensive health food stores, to all, at an affordable price.”

Danny Popper – VP Agriculture

Danny Popper holds a B.A. in Agriculture from the University of Guelph.  Mr. Popper’s family has been in the Ontario agriculture business since 1938. He has specialized in harvesting oil and non oil seed crops such as soy, corn, oat, hay and flax, both organic and otherwise, demonstrating success in all endeavors both on the cultivation and retail side. Mr. Popper has run the Mount Hope Dairy farm for the past 30 years producing award winning animals for various North American shows.

Mr. Popper has held the position of President of the Hamilton Wentworth Milk Committee and the Hamilton Wentworth Holstein Club. He is also an active member of the Hamilton Wentworth Soil and Crop Committee. Mr. Popper’s expertise in the agricultural industry has allowed EIC to develop an innovative bio-agricultural model. The failure of other biodiesel competitors has been largely attributed to said firms lack of understanding of the agricultural sector. In an industry such as biodiesel manufacturing, where firms are largely dependent not only on the price of petro diesel re retail pricing, but the dynamic of agricultural commodity pricing such as flax, soy and canola seeds, it is imperative that said firms have a management team entrenched in the agricultural industry, maintaining strong relationships with major growers and distributors in Canada and abroad. Cultivating, crop sharing and purchasing a total of 11,000 acres of flax per facility for EIC’s feedstock requirements is made possible by Mr. Poppers intimate knowledge of farming techniques and his countless relationships with farmers across the country, allowing EIC access to preferred pricing on flax, access to animal feed retailers and forecasting knowledge regarding crop density and crop rotation specifications.

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