Animal Feed

Flax Animal & Fish Feed

Flax is a healthy and natural way to introduce omega-3 into animal feeds. Flax Energy retails to the equine, cattle and aquaculture (Tilapia & Shrimp) industries around the world, making healthy animals and healthy people! All of Flax Energy’s flax seed is non-GMO Canadian Grown Flax Seed

Production Process

Flax Seed is stored in our external storage system, and fed into our facility through a flex-auger system. The auger feeds flax seed into each of our 6 cold press extruders, which organically extracts flax oil from the seed, creating both flax oil for the manufacture of biodiesel, and flax meal for the flour and animal feed industries respectively. For more information please contact us.

Pricing Information

For all pricing information please contact or call the Flax Energy head office @ 416-465-2274.

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