Biodiesel, for a Greener Tomorrow

A clean alternative to petro-diesel, Flax Energy biodiesel is made from Canadian grown flax seed oil. It provides a 98% reduction in GHGs and is the by-product of our food production.

Flax Energy retails Biodiesel for the North American diesel market. Our fuel applications include city transit vehicles, fleet vehicles, Tractor Trailers, waste management vehicles, marine units, as well as the aeronautical industry. Flax Energy biodiesel can operate in any diesel engine without any modification at all. Flax derived biodiesel is best suited to the Canadian climate as it has a lower cloud point than WVO, Canola & Soy.

All of Flax Energy’s flax seed is non-GMO Canadian Grown Flax Seed.

Production Process

Flax Energy produces biodiesel from renewable, non-food grade virgin seed oils. Flax Energy owns the international rights to Flax Energy biodiesel manufacturing system – fully operational since 2006.

Pricing Information

For all pricing information please contact or call the Flax Energy head office @ 416-465-2274.

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