Flax Flour

The World Is Rediscovering Flax

Added to your favourite baked goods, flax flour is a delicious way to introduce omega 3 into your daily diet, while reducing your gluten intake. Pasta, Bread, Pancakes, Salad dressing, Yogurt, pizza…Flax Energy has endless food applications to help you live a healthier lifestyle.

All of Flax Energy’s flax seed is non-GMO Canadian Grown Flax Seed.

Nutritional Information

» Download the typical nutritional profile of our flax flour and meal post extrusion

Production Process

Flax Energy Flour is derived from non-GMO Canadian grown flax seeds. At our Toronto facility, flax seed is fed into each of our 6 cold press extruders, which extracts a portion of the flax oil, and deposits the remaining flax meal into a cooling system, that ensures the oil remaining in the flax meal is locked in to maintain a high Omega-3 profile. The meal is then fed into a food-grade mill system, and readied for distribution as flax flour. For more information please contact us.

Pricing Information

For all pricing information please contact sales@flaxenergy.ca or call the Flax Energy head office @ 416-465-2274.

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