Our Story

Facility & Technology

Flax Energy head office is located at 274 Unwin Ave. in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Our external storage system holds 46,000 kilograms of flax seed daily; seed is fed into the facility through a flex-auger system, and deposits into a cold press extruder system. Flax seed is fed into each of our 6 cold press extruders, which extracts a portion of the flax oil, and deposits the remaining flax meal into a cooling system, which ensures the oil remaining in the flax meal is locked in to maintain a high Omega-3 profile. The meal is then fed into a food-grade mill system, and readied for distribution as flax flour or flax animal feed.

The oil extracted from the flax seed is fed into our biodiesel reactor, which has a nameplate capacity of 16.44 million litres annually. Flax Energy distributes our fuel to local Canadian companies such as Steam Whistle Breweries and various Ontario municipalities.

Production Process

Flax Energy has solved the food versus fuel dilemma by making food, fuel and feed from one agricultural crop. Flax Energy utilizes a 100% food-grade, certified cold-press technology that uses no chemicals in the extraction of oil from flax seeds. Our Flax seeds are comprised of 44% oil and 56% meal. Through the aforementioned process, we manufacture non-cooking grade linseed oil into biodiesel, and turn the remaining seed into fish and animal feed and flax flour for baking.

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